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After School
After School Program runs the length of the school year. Our program picks up students from their elementary school and transports them to our center for programming. We provide the kids with snack and an activity filled afternoon. The kids are given free time, academic/homework time, and enrichment time daily.

        Due to our smaller class size we are able to give your child the one on one attention needed with homework help. Monday through Thursday we have a designated 30 minute block of time specifically for completing homework. During this time we make sure to have kids quiet and academic focused. If your child does not have homework they will participate in a variety of activities that focus on reading, writing, and/or math skills. 

        These activities focus on all other aspects of learning such as music, arts, crafts, dance, drama, cooking, science, history, geography, culture, etc. It is our goal to provide a variety of activities that kids typically do not have a chance to participate in on a daily basis during school hours. We also take time once a week to celebrate strange but true holidays. During this time the kids learn about holidays such as National Chocolate Day, Pancake Day, Pizza Day, Hag Fish Day, International Day of Tolerance, Anti-Bullying Day, etc. The kids learn the history of the holiday and get to participate in hands on activities that coincide with the holiday's theme. 

    Friday Free Day-
        Friday is the best day of the week. School is over for the weekend and the kids are looking forward to two full days of no school and sleeping in. To help prepare for the weekend we have Friday Free Day. The name says it all. On Fridays we kick out our schedule and fill the day with free play and kids choice. There is no homework time on Fridays unless one of the kids chooses to do any weekend homework during their free time. 

    Days Off
        On scheduled days off (parent-teacher conferences, teacher in-service days) Building Blocks is open all day. It is the parent's choice to sign up to access days off. There will be a sign up sheet posted the week before a day off and parents are asked to sign up if they are planning on bringing their child. There is an additional all day fee per child that will be added to your monthly tuition if you choose to access the day off care. 

Spring Break
    We offer full time spring break programming every year. For an extra fee (to be decided in January) children are able spend spring break with their Building Blocks family. We plan local field trips and travel to the park daily (weather permitting). Spring break fees are in addition to your monthly tuition. Fees are calculated based on what field trips we will be attending that week. 
    Spring break planning begins in February. If you have any questions about the spring break fee or the field trips we will be taking feel free to contact us any time after February 1st. 

    During the summer months we are open from 7:00 am-6:00 pm. We have a set schedule during the summer and strive to keep the kids as busy as possible. Our summer program consists of a plethora of field trips to local establishments as well as longer distance trips to places in Topeka and Kansas City. Tuition in the summer increases but all field trip fees are included in the tuition so you will not be asked to bring money in for any field trips during the summer months. Every year our field trips and change but some of our favorite places to visit are the Topeka Zoo, Science City, Eudora Public Pool, and the Lawrence Public Library.
    It is important to us that your child continues to learn over the summer months. We do still offer academic and enrichment times during these months and all of our field trips are tied into an educational theme for the week. We spend lots of time outdoors either traveling to different parks, playing on our property, or working in our garden. It is one of our goals to make sure every kid stays physical active. Having daily exercise helps our kids become stronger, healthier, and happier. 
    Summer planning begins in April, if you have any questions in regards to specific field trips or activities we will be participating in feel free to contact us any time after April 1st.