1411 East 1850 Road Lawrence, KS 66046


Outdoor Environment 

Building Blocks provides four fenced and shaded play areas for every age group. The playgrounds are located behind the building in a big open grassy area. Since we are located in a farming community, the children have views of apple orchards and fields. Each play area provides age appropriate equipment and activities for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. 

Every spring, the children help plant a garden. They help take care and harvest the garden during the summer months. Children enjoy watching their plants grow and tasting the different vegetables. 

In the summer, children have water play at least once a week in our back field. 

In 2020 we updated and changed some of our playgrounds. We have created a special "riding toy only" playground in addition to each age having their own special space. All children ages 1 year and over get multiple chances throughout the week to play in the riding toy playground. They get to work on their balance skills and their gross motor pedaling skills. 

Building Blocks also has an outdoor classroom area. This is a new project that we will be continuously working on over the next couple of years. This area will be designated for children and staff to conduct classroom time in an outdoor environment. Areas for art and sensory exploration will all be part of the fun!

Indoor Environment

Play promotes: significant mental and cognitive skills, facilitates divergent and convergent thinking, assists communication, language, literacy development, creativity and cultural benefits. Play promotes physical-motor development, play encourages positive emotional development, and play allows children to develop into social human beings. Good play strengthens skills and deepens understanding of concepts.  

Building Blocks indoor environment includes:
    * Age appropriate toys and equipment
    * A variety of toys and activities
    * Manipulative area
    * Dramatic play area
    * Block area
    * Book area
    * Quiet and Active areas
    * Multicultural

Children are exposed daily to:
    * Science and nature
    * Music
    * Art/sensory
    * Math
    * Free play
    * Hands on learning

Children develop these skills daily:
    * Cognitive
    * Language
    * Social Emotional
    * Physical
    * Making choices
    * Problem solving

All activities are adjusted to fit the needs of the individual child.